Friday, December 18, 2009


TONY DIGIROLAMO- Those who know that I believe that Psychology is to blame for a lot of American culture gone wrong and the immoral, unrighteous, and uncivilized direction of the country.

Then I discovered this writing. It underscores exactly what I have been told about Freud and the followers influence on the nation.


Thesis by Ruth Pedersen Hunsberger

William R Coulson said that Freud's followers, Carl Rogers, and Abraham Maslow, looked to replace organized religion with psychology.

Watch the Culture Shock video again and listen closely to the 3 minute video.

You must see how the puzzle fits perfectly.

If you're still wondering how we got here the article above will show you how Freud and his ideas were embraced.

The romance continues ... Seems to make no difference that Rogers and Maslow hated what they had started was too difficult to stop.

His colleges are gone but their philosophies continue even after the grave.

The Ruth Pedersen Hunsberger thesis writes, The favorable Protestant response to psychoanalysis stemmed from the partnership it had established with scientific psychology in the late 19th century, seeking an understanding of the nature of religious belief as well as insight into mental illness at a time when the medical sciences were unprepared to deal with the functional approach to neurosis. Freud probably received more abuse from the conservative core of the American medical profession than from the entire ministerial profession. This is not to say that Protestant clergymen, liberal or conservative, were not offended by Freud’s anti-God pronouncements. But they did not let Freud’s religious views prejudice them against psychoanalysis as they understood it.

Boston Globe: Her thesis, "The American Reception of Sigmund Freud," took a sweeping look at religious movements in the United States in the late 1800s. Mrs. Hunsberger suggested that Christian Science and the New Thought and Emmanuel movements helped lay the groundwork for what she termed the "enthusiastic" reaction to Freud in 1909, when he made his only trip to the United States and spent part of his time lecturing at Clark University in Worcester.

Partway through her thesis, she asked: "Was the rapid growth of the psychoanalytical movement in the United States related to the possibility that psychoanalysis could further spiritual ends, indeed, be good for the soul?"

Mrs. Hunsberger concluded that even though "the psychoanalytic star that shone so brilliantly for half a century has been dimmed somewhat by new insights into mental illness and new methods of treatment. . . . Freud and the gospel of health and happiness are still alive."

"Freud and the gospel of health and happiness are still alive."

I rest my case ... vindicated.

Health and happiness is not what psychology has given us.

It's given us school shootings with kids on antidepressants.

Courts full of psychobabble and getting away with murder.

Political correctness and a loss of free speech.

The human sexuality madness, porn, entertainment, homosexuality, adultery, divorce, pediphiles, as well.

There's so much more.

This is the one most difficult for me, the churches expansion of Christian psychologist integrating scripture with the likes of the philosophies of man and not of Christ!

"Freud and the gospel of health and happiness are still alive." indeed they are... sadly.

"The favorable Protestant response to psychoanalysis" as the thesis reports,
and the warm acceptance of Freud by Christians ... That's the tragedy to America and western civilization.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009



Psychologist, William R Coulson's career is historical with the biggest names in psychology that changed the world, Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow.

Coulson tells us in the first segment of Culture Shock that their intent was to replace religion with psychology.

This is now happening not only here in America, worldwide as well.

They soon realized that what they were doing was a huge, terrible mistake.

People, this is where values clarification, sex education, homosexual ed, death ed, and the tearing down of any and all things religious has its roots.

Scripture alerts us to the perils of what we have done.

Beware lest any man spoil you through the philosophies of vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ. Colossians 2:8

There in lies the error of our ways and the monumental tragedy of our time.

Coulson, Rogers and Maslow are the architects of this misery. Those who follow after their teaching only perpetuate the horror.

Fitting that Rogers said this of his own failig works "I started this damn thing, and look where it's taking us. I don't know where it's taking me. Perhaps it's taking us to a place that we will regret."

Bill Coulson says, "I'm afraid that it has."

As close as I am to Bill, That is how close I am to what I see happening to the future of this great country.

A generation lost needs, no, must find a new way to climb back to godly principles and the virtues of moral right thinking ... Righteousness!

You may find it difficult to believe what I've said, but look at what Columnist/Author Thomas Sowell said about Coulson:

On August 18, 1994, Columnist Thomas Sowell wrote a thought provoking column on William R. Coulson, in The Detroit News titled, The Dangers and Distortions of American Education.

He begins, " Many of us change our general outlook on life at some point or other, but few of us go back and try to repair the damage we did during an earlier period when we thought differently. Dr. William Coulson, a psychologist who once played an important role in the movement to re-orient American education from academic to psychological goals, is now trying to get people to understand what a tragic mistake that was.

Dr. Coulson's mentor, the late psychotherapist Carl Rogers, was a major guru in the drive to get schools to downplay traditional academic subjects taught in the traditional way. Instead, they were to be permissive and tend to children's emotional needs. The effect of Rogers and others with similar views would be hard to overestimate, though their names are virtually unknown to the general public."

Thomas Sowell's column in the summer of 1994 speaks volumes only a decade later (now two). Given the changes that are in the government schools today Coulson and Rogers profoundly changed it.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


THE CHRISTIAN POST: Christians Convene to Affirm Sufficiency of Scripture

Event organizers say the doctrine of the sufficiency of Scripture – Sola Scriptura – is "the most important doctrinal battleground in the church today" and "the purity of the Church, the supremacy of the gospel, the biblical family, and the survival of Christian civilization" are hanging in the balance.

TONY DIGIROLAMO- I do believe that many have fallen prey to the philosophies of the world. New age, leftist media and Hollywood.

And, psychology that seems to uphold a biblical world view and integrating the Word with the philosophies of man is a danger to the church. The gurus like Sigmund Freud, Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow hated the church. Yet we use their techniques to counsel people. What a tragedy this has been.

Maslow and Rogers rejected their work when they saw the damage it caused. And yet what they saw continues to this day.

National Center for Family-Integrated Churches will convene but I don't know if they will take up these issues in the the church that's dividing it.