Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Young evangelical:We need more than just pro-life policies from the GOP

In which I once again try to liven up a slow year-end news day with a religion post

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CSTV- That's what we do here ... That's our job!

This "young evangelical" so called like many of the "Imagine" crowd, have wrapped themselves and looked to government, the state to feed the poor.

Excuse me, I thought that that was the job for church to be doing.

Keyword, WAS doing and I believe that the church must pick up that mantle. We have been adrift and there is a great need for believers to reassess their priorities.

Omaha World-Herald: Researchers, (the late) Dean Hoge, Patrick McNamara, Charles Zech and Michael Donahue, conservative Protestants give more than 3 percent of household income on average; black Protestants, 2.5 percent; mainline Protestants, 2 percent; Catholics, less than 1.5 percent; and other denominations, less than 1 percent.

Many in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, lead in giving, they tithe, 10%.

Per-capita giving in the Assemblies of God exceeds 5 percent. Adventists give more than 4 percent of their income.

The lower level of Catholic giving has puzzled just about everyone.

And that is reason for an alert to sound nationwide.

If we don't hear the alarm even more than feeding the poor is at stake we will bow down to god, the state.

Socialism is creeping up on us and this young man in the video is misguided.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


CULTURESHOCKTV- Fox News anchor, Megyn Kelly did it again ... She spoke about that magic moment that fell upon the crowd at Times Square, when John Lennon's song Imagine filled the air.

She spoke of how people were hugging each other and ... I'm not sure, but I don't think Megyn realizes that a lot of people across this country cannot stand that song and its history.

The fact that it is the anthem of the United Nations, I believe at least for one year, should tell you something is odd here.

And you must read this from The American Spectator, "Imagine That", By Lisa Fabrizio,

"So popular is its socialistic, yet sugar-coated message, that fellow traveler Jimmy Carter has said, 'In many countries around the world you hear [it] used almost equally with national anthems.'"

Spectator continues, "This dreaming of a dreary existence without heaven, hell, religion, countries and especially "nothing to kill or die for" sums it all up nicely. The fact Lennon himself admitted that it was "virtually the Communist Manifesto" has not diminished its continuing influence on modern-day America."

From another source that I retrieved but lost, Lennon added: "even though I am not particularly a communist and I do not belong to any movement..."

Then this trivia moment from Wikipedia, The song (Imagine) was WABC-AM 's final song before switching to its current NewsTalkRadio format.I know, I know, If it's true, it's an interesting note for Rush Limbaugh.

Megyn, hope you get the picture here ... Bill Hemmer too. I'm just thinking that you just didn't, but I'm thinking you do know the meaning of the song, "Imagine".

Am I wrong?

Video: Greg Jarrett cuts interview with Palestinian apologist short

Not as sweet as it should have been. Nonsense like this demands snarling, Megyn Kelly-style pugnacity or even a full-on finger-pointing O’Reilly hissyfit, not the polite disdain Jarrett musters.

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CSTV- I once asked an Israeli what it is like living in Israel ... it seems always to be under relentless siege.

He said, "imagine you live in the tiny state of Delaware here in America."

All of the surrounding states, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Texas, California hate you, shooting rockets and sending homicide-bombers into restaurants, stores and buses.

Someone can blow themselves up right near you where the innocence of just going to work or catching a bus to school ... Peace is broken daily, hour after hour.

Can anyone imagine what it is like living in Israel?

Firefighters ordered into 'gay' parade back in court
4 told to appear on pro-homosexual event or face discipline

Editor's Note: WARNING – Some content in this article is graphic.

WORLDNETDAILY- "We were subject to this type of abuse and more throughout the parade route. You could not even look at the crowd without getting some type of sexual gesture. Even the Christian protesters were giving us grief for being a part of this. The experience left me feeling humiliated, embarrassed and offended," Ghiotto said.

"If any of my crew or I were to hang up pictures at the station of what we saw, we would be disciplined!" he said.

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CSTV- The beat goes on every day and the intensity of it picks up momentum. This cannot continue and it should not stand as a part of American life.

Once again it is what the Liberal er Progressives have wrought on this nation.

The rise in the Porn industry, sex crimes, teen sex and a Progressive in the White House who lied ... "I did not have sex with that woman ..."

The BBC opened an article, "Sex, lies and impeachment" with these words, "Bill Clinton, the most powerful leader in the world, was brought to his knees - forced to apologise for his conduct, having the most intimate details of his sex life made public and finally becoming only the second president in American history to be impeached."

Yet, he is still held in high esteem.

He and Hillary have been asked by Mayor Bloomberg, to bring the 2009 lighted ball down to ring in the new year.

The BBC writing, "The nation certainly seemed to support their president as opinion polls showed Mr Clinton's approval rating at an all-time high by the end of January. A high level of support was to be a recurring theme throughout the year."

And I am bewildered ... it continues still to this day.

Back to the Firefighters and "Gay" pride ... there is nothing to be proud of in what they saw and what their government forced them to do.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christians called to abandon public education
Children's worldview determined by 14,000 hours in classrooms


"Whoever controls those 14,000 hours controls our children's worldview," he said, citing Charles Francis Potter, a signer of the Humanist Manifesto. He wrote, "What can theistic Sunday school meeting for an hour once a week do to stem the tide of a five day program of humanist teaching?"

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CSTV- Totally right about that!

I remember back in the sixties the left frustrated by a nation steep in Christian ethic and moral foundation ... they had their hands tied could not move the leftist agenda forward.

They resolved that they would do it through the public/gov schools.

Of course they had help in the media and Hollywood for the purpose has been mutual.

The Perverting Of Catholic Religious (Part 1)

BY JIM HOGUE- Dr. (Carl) Rogers and Dr. (William) Coulson arrived at the initial "testing-of-nuns-to-improve-them" location to begin their therapeutic intervention, well funded from the "National Institutes of MentalHealth". Eventually they brought with them a total of 58 additional psychological testers and group facilitators. Dr. Coulson himself described years later in his own words, "We inundated that system with humanistic psychology." ... "They agreed to let us come into their schools and work with their normal faculty, and with their normal students, and influence the development of normal Catholic life."

What did Dr. William Coulson later conclude regarding the work of the psychological teams he personally supervised? ... He said, "It was a disaster!"

The Perverting Of Catholic Religious (Part 2)

Rogers came to call it, "this damned thing." I'm going to quote him in a tape that he and I made in '76:" ... (Thus the words of Dr. Carl Rogers himself:) ... "I left there feeling, well, I started this damned thing, and look where it's taking us; I don't even know where it's taking me. I don't have any idea what's going to happen next. And I woke up the next morning feeling so depressed, that I could hardly stand it. And then I realized what was wrong." ... "did I start something that is in some fundamental way mistaken, and will lead us off into paths that we will regret?"

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CSTV- And now, their work is the cornerstone and foundation of a self-centered, selfish, narcissistic, secular culture.

We keep looking back for the answers to the major problems facing us today.

However, we keep going back to the wizards of the mind to solve the problems they created.

The psychologist then and many of them now are atheists thus the fight on our hands to keep God in our schools, government, and everyday life.

We don't realize that our very civilization is at stake.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

'Tis the season to arrest Christians
China cracks down on house church believers

WORLDNETDAILY- The next day police called the church leaders and warned hem to send the students home before government officials arrived at the site of the training, and authorities sealed the house church building, stating that it was an illegal school and the building would be demolished or sold.

In Henan province, an eyewitness told China Aid officers from the Public Security Bureau raided a house church Christmas party in the middle of the day on Christmas Eve and detained nine Christian woman.

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CSTV- Do you ever wonder if this country, America, would ever come to the efforts, and the means of the Chinese government to crush Christians.

We go through each year, with another Christmas passing by and the endless stories of a state house nativity coming down.

Atheists are rising up in their intolerance of anything that speaks of the season of hope and peace.

You know I really believe that the things made in China need to have some difficulty finding consumers.

Americans need to sacrifice as those in the Greatest Generation did.

We are in perhaps the greatest war ever fought ... the Culture War and it is amongst our own people. It is a war fighting for America's soul.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Focus on the Family website
yanks Glenn Beck interview
Christian ministry cites its failure
to alert readers author is Mormon

WORLDNETDAILY- Mormon theology differs from evangelical Christian theology on several major issues, including the understanding of the Trinity, the nature of Jesus Christ and Satan, the process of salvation and which holy books are considered authoritative, among other doctrines.

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CSTV- This is precisely the the problem and I'm sorry but we should not confuse the public to thinking that a Mormon is a Christian. They are not.

Some Mormons actually believe that they are Christians. In religious debates with Mormons at my doorstep, they honestly think that they are, however,the discussion seems to come to an abrupt end with this question: Do you believe that Jesus is the Lord and is one in the same, The Father, Son and Holy Spirit? They cannot agree with that and usually they are on their bikes and almost seem to be fleeing as quickly as they can.

I happen to like Glenn Beck, and I'm glad he's going over to Fox News Channel ... hope too that his show will be successful.

You know, presidential candidate, Mitt Romney had this same difficulty but no one seem to want to mention it.

Romney in his religious speech during the campaign said he was a Christian ... We now know that that did not sit too well with many Christians.

And, as wonderful as the "Christmas Sweater" is, his comment that he wants it to live on as an eternal gospel sends red flags up before my bleeding eyes.

That is another stark difference the Church of Jesus Christ and Later Day Saints have with Christianty ... The Book of Joseph Smith is gospel to Mormons.

Christians believe the Bible is sufficient and believes the commandment at the end of the book that no one should add to it.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Iraqi Christians urged to return to homeland
Estimated 500,000 now refugees in Jordan, Syria

WORLDNETDAILY-"Assyrian Christians are the original people of Iraq. They were here before all the rest"

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CSTV- Do you wonder what all this means in the future of this great and historical place.

We certainly do not understand what is happening in the big picture scheme of things.

Christians returning to their homeland of Iraq. Getting a grip on what that all means Just ponder that for a while.

"Assyrian Christians are the original people of Iraq. They were here before all the rest"

Ponder that ... And say Merry Christmas!!!

Stunning indeed!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Baghdad celebrates first public Christmas amid hope, memories

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- From a distance, it looks like an apparition: a huge multi-colored hot-air balloon floating in the Baghdad sky, bearing a large poster of Jesus Christ. Below it, an Iraqi flag.

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CSTV- Iraq gives President George W Bush, our armed forces, and perhaps the world, a truly wonderful gift for Christmas.

The Light of the World, the Prince of Peace, King of Kings, Wonderful Counselor rose up in a land that no one would have believed could happen ... Christmas in Baghdad.

This day is exciting to me ... I believed it could be done.

I think that this thing called democracy can work, even in a nation once brutal and barbaric to its own people.

It's going to take time but it will come.

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Ed As one might imagine, Christmas doesn’t get a lot of attention in Muslim nations, even those with significant Christian minorities. In the Arab world’s first democracy, however, the holiday has provided an opportunity for ecumenical celebration:

... “All Iraqis are Christian today!”

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cougars preying in the classroom
Why are so many female teachers targeting boys for sexual abuse?

In the wake of one the most publicized stories of a female teacher sexually abusing an underage student, the case of the beautiful Debra LaFave, MSNBC anchor Contessa Brewer asked a psychologist TV guest "why someone who looks like a living Barbie Doll would need to have sex with a young kid."WORLDNETDAILY.COM

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CSTV- WILLIAM R. COULSON IS THE ONE WHO KNOWS: Guest and Contributing Psychologist to Culture Shock, He had a career that is historical with the biggest names in psychology that changed the world. Such as Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow.
In schools across America, time is taken from academics to provide children with drug education, suicide education, and sex education courses; the promise is to reduce or eliminate personal experimentation with drugs, sex and suicide. That promise is false. Follow up research shows increased drug use and sexual activity ...

TONY DIGIROLAMO-Do we need to be rocket scientists to see what has happened in the classrooms across America that since they are teaching kids about drugs they are doing drugs... teaching them about sex and now their having sex ... dahhh!

Even the adults haven't learned from this horror of a failure!

Stop the madness and get back to teaching academics ... if we don't William R. Coulson tells us that if this continues kiss good bye the academics and "kiss civilization good bye".

Friday, December 19, 2008

Obama and the Rick Warren Flap

BY BYRON YORK FULL COLUMN:'Define marriage', Pastor Rick Warren asked Barack Obama at the 'Saddleback Civil Forum on the Presidency,' held last August at Warren’s Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California.

...President-Elect Obama has chosen a man who has been a general in the culture war against LGBT people as the person he wants to be the representative of the totality of our nation from a spiritual perspective,” Brad Luna, the director of communications for the Human Rights Campaign, told me Thursday. “Rick Warren is somebody who has opposed our equality, who has equated our relationships to marriage between a brother and a sister, who has equated our lives and sexuality with pedophilia.” In picking Warren, Luna told me, Obama has made a “very cynical” choice.

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CSTV- These people are just as angry as they can be ... Perhaps some Anger Management might help... nahhhh

Gay Marriage Battle Still Rages in Calif.

CBNNEWS.COM Election day is over -- but the battle over gay marriage is still hot in California. On Nov. 4, voters approved the Proposition 8 marriage amendment, which defines marriage as a relationship between a man and a woman.

One demonstrator told an ABC News crew, "Regardless of these churches, how much money they poured into these campaigns, it is not over. We're going to fight until the world changes."

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CSTV-What they don't realize is that this is a spiritual battle even if the world changes, that is not the end. However, it will surely end this nation as we once knew it ... and boy will it be different.

"It is not over" and the young man who said that does not realize the consequences of his actions.

Neither do many of our leaders, educators, and even churches.

Once again it is what the liberalprogressivepols have given us.

These people won't even uphold an election decision. What is this the "Banana Republic of Caleyfornia"?!

All of them march, demonstrate, and legislate to justify their sin ... that's right, sin is still a part of the American vernacular. A word less used today only to make it easier on their selfish desires.

And then, there's the Rick Warren outrage ... What do you do with such people?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Episcopal Head Calls for Unity - Episcopal presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori says some Anglicans who oppose her church's consecration of a gay bishop have made an "idol" out of sexuality.

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Isn't this what is causing confusion nationwide. Mainline Christian denominations divisions, breaking apart the traditions.

That's the agenda ... they seek marriage, adoption of children and we wonder why the slogan over at Disney's, the Family Channel is, A Different Kind of Family.

You bet it's different.

They are succeeding on many fronts ... but if they think they're winning and putting an end to Christianity ... game not over! History speaks volumes on this.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Video: Rush vs Powell

THE VIDEO AND THE STORY BY ED MORRISSEY:Rush Limbaugh counts himself flattered and amazed that so much attention comes his way from supposedly Republican reformers like Colin Powell, but also just a little confused. Rush wonders which person supports big-tent Republicanism best — the conservative talk-show host who supported the moderate presidential candidate, or the moderate who wants conservatives like Rush drummed out of the party?

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General Powell in his arrogance just makes you laugh ... what is he thinking?

You're a Republican and and voted for Barack Hussein Obama and now you're going to advise Republicans? Rush said it brilliantly as he does so well.

That speaks volumes on why we do not want to lose this voice!

Give it to em Rush, yes, "get under their skin" ... We'll stand with you.

Is Your Teen 'Sexting?'

It's a trend known as "sexting," which is defined as sending explicit pictures via a cell phone.


This is what the Lib ... sorry Progressives in the Democrat Party have given us over decades of onslaught in legalizing porn. Adult bookstores, mags in the 7/11, fowl language and nudity thanks to the Hollywood crowd.

Bad behavior by presidents, governors, and congressman our leaders only underscore what our young people are doing today.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Questions Remain


What did the president elect know and when did he know it.

All indications are that Rahm Emanuel did talk to Hot Rod, a governor under hot pursuit by the feds.

Rahm's voice is on the tapes and Barackuh uh is speaking in garbledygook mumble jumble terms again.

Axlerod! Get him a teleprompter!

Police thwart Moscow rally, seize 90-130 people

Associated Press/AP Photo

Moscow-Police thwarted a banned anti-Kremlin protest in central Moscow on Sunday, seizing dozens of demonstrators and shoving them into trucks.

The people in Russia are losing their rights to speak out against the government, and the hardliner Putin/KBGer for now lets the world see it in full view.

The free people in Moscow Ohio, Moscow West Virginia and Moscow Oklahoma and all of America needs to speak out in solidarity for the people of Russia.

Where are our leaders?!


We the members of congress do swear to uphold the constitution

Live our lives in a virtuous manner

Bring respect and integrity in all matters of the legislative process.

Allow our ethics to rise to the highest standard for the greater good.

In all that we do we put our nation first.

In order to form a more perfect union, once again, with a firm reliance on the

protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other

our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.

Do you think it's time that we stand for what is right.

Can we look to God as Benjamin Franklin did and ask God to intervene in the matters of governing this great nation.

Money has been the force that drives us to do great things or it takes us to a power driven to the darkside.

Governor Blagojevich and Bernard L. Madoff, the Banks, Fannie and Freddie, GM, FORD, and Chrysler, are turning us inside out.

Elected officials are failing in matters of fidelity as well, causing great pain to families, and the people they serve.

In God we trust. Let's all take an oath to seek righteousness, now?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Reb Bradley, Author, Born Liberal, Raised Right on FNC

VIDEO AT YOUTUBE: You must watch this, he's got some of this right:

Children "today are narcissistic" ... did you get that?! do you know where that comes from. Self actualization and the self esteem movement.

Young people today are more likely to believe in socialism without realizing its consequences.

The state becomes your God.

ED MORRISSEY-Arrest made in $50 billion Wall Street fraud

It may be difficult to grasp the scope of a $50 billion fraud on Wall Street, so think of it this way: it’s three times the size of the loan that the Big Three automakers tried squeezing out of Congress this week. No help? How about 1/14th the size of Hank Paulson’s TARP fund to rescue … er … Wall Street? Feds arrested the former chairman of Nasdaq for perpetrating the biggest financial scam since the UN’s Oil-for-Food program:

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I believe we can safely say that God is wanting to tell us something, as we watch our stuff and people protecting their stuff at the expense of others.

"Greed is good" thanks to the movie makers and their powerful imagery that speaks to our darker angels.

Many are working out the self actualization of Abraham Maslow, who by the way said this about his awful idea of self esteem, "I smell insanity and death".

Worse than what the liberal media did in not reporting or vetting Barack Hussein Obama, is that the entire psychological industry knows what Maslow thought of his great idea ... That it was flawed from the beginning and they said nothing and ran with it.

How do I know this? Through Maslow's colleague, William R. Coulson, psychologist and my friend in this fight. He was there and apologizes to a grieving nation.

And, the Calley Anthony murder has everything to do with this ... going to the party no matter what. That's right this 22 year old was thinking of herself. Check out the party pictures oh what joy there is in taking care of me first!

And, right now if we don't see the error of our ways we will fail this nation and our children.

Bottom line this is all about, what's in it for me, I, me ... me, mine and this is the product of the self esteem movement.

Until that comes to an end we will not see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Tony DiGirolamo

Friday, December 12, 2008

Powell: GOP 'polarization' backfired in election

CNN-"I think the party has to take a hard look at itself," Powell said in the interview, which was taped Wednesday. "There is nothing wrong with being conservative. There is nothing wrong with having socially conservative views — I don't object to that. But if the party wants to have a future in this country, it has to face some realities. In another 20 years, the majority in this country will be the minority."

*************** *** ******************

I guess if we abandon our principles as conservatives and Republicans we should just do what you did General ... and that is to vote for a candidate that is pro-choice on the most extreme abortion, approve of same sex marriage, trans-gender madness.

Colin, I hope the nation comes to its senses, spiritual senses that is and stands firm for righteousness.

Also, Rush Limbaugh is a voice so necessary in our world of liberal broadcasting. I realize there are times that even Rush gets it wrong on certain issues, albeit a very small percentage of the time.

Many have fallen for the Colin Powell Doctrine, waive your principles sometimes and vote Democrat ... it's okay ... Yeah right.



AG of Illinois, Lisa Madigan has asked the State Supreme Court to remove the governor from office. Unfit to serve!

It is amazing to me how these pols that get into such trouble no one has the dignity to spare the people the awful pain of it all ... Resign already.

We are dragged through the insanity of this process.

Now, I just heard on Fox News that Judge Napolitano said, that Madigan is going against the Illinois Constitution, where only the legislature can lawfully remove the governor. If she succeeds in her motion, he likened it to a "banana republic"!

Ugghh ...

Tony Digirolamo


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pelosi 'mugged' for emphasizing 'Christ' at Christmas event?

Was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi "mugged" for taking sides in the war on Christmas?

... According to Schenck, with a serious look on her face, Pelosi said, "No, you ought to know, I really got mugged for that."

He said her expression showed "consternation" and "frustration."

Or, was she embarrassed by the Christ-mas event she was asked to guest and speak at, the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree lighting ceremony Dec. 2.

Nancy Pelosi ashamed of Christ ... the Gospel, like many of our leaders today.

Christianity is a thorn in the side of agendas counter to the teaching that once was the wisdom of the ages within the pages of the best selling book worldwide.

The news coming out of Chicago ought to give us pause and get em back to reading the Book of Proverbs everyday for sure.

Sorry, Nancy Pelosi is a despicable human being.

Tony DiGirolamo

Last Sunday Richard Cizik was interviewed by Terry Gross on the National Public Radio program “Fresh Air: ”UPDATE RICHARD CIZIK RESIGNED

We have received inquiries to our Washington office about NAE’s positions regarding abortion and same gender marriage as a result of Richard’s comments.

The purpose of this message is to address Richard Cizik's wording about civil unions and related topics on the November 30, 2008 interview. His statements did not appropriately reflect the positions of the National Association of Evangelicals and its constituencies. Our NAE stand on marriage, abortion and other biblical values is long, clear and unchanged. Richard has strongly assured to me of his own support and agreement with our NAE values and positions. This was not understood by listeners from what he said. He has expressed to me his deep regret and apology. I will work with him and with our staff to more appropriately speak on behalf of NAE and our values in the future.

Todd Bassett, our Executive Director, is managing the NAE response to inquiries. To those who request background documents he is sending electronic copies of our pro-life position opposing abortion-on-demand, our stand opposing same sex marriage and our larger document “For the Health of the Nation.” These all clearly state our values and the biblical stance we advocate.

Leith Anderson
National Association of Evangelicals
Washington, DC

This just came to me from a member of the NAE and As I understand it Cizik is staying on in his position.

I don't know how you can listen to what he said and not realize that he believes what he said, this is not a matter that he might have misspoke. I don't think so ... No, I know.

Pastor Anne Gimenez in a recent sermon titled "Being Spiritually Minded" said this, "For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he" Proverbs 23:7 .

I have to believe that when you know the truth the truth will set you free, Cizik spoke what was in his heart and it is a lie and he misled many by his remarks to NPR a liberal PBS radio network.

"His statements did not appropriately reflect the positions of the National Association of Evangelicals" ... Period! That is exactly as I understood it fully, no doubt at all.

Tony DiGirolamo

UPDATE: This just in from Leith Anderson, Pres. of NAE, RICHARD CIZIK RESIGNS

Russia plans 'liquidation' of ministries
Dozens of Christian organizations on the list

WORLDNETDAILY.COM-Dozens of Christian organizations that have been providing social services, ministry and other help inside Russia are being targeted for "liquidation" by the nation's Ministry of Justice, according to a new report.

Is it about time to start calling Russia, the Soviet Union again. Atheism is on the rise.

What is happening in Moscow, Russia, is happening in Moscow, Washington, Moscow, Ohio and Moscow, Oklahoma ... Do we not realize the steps being taken at the steps of our own governments, state by state.

We are seeing Russia turn on its Christian roots birth at the fall of Communism and their getting their cues from America.

The beacon of light across the ocean that we have been is growing dim.

We cannot allow this to continue!

Tony DiGirolamo

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The leader of the National Association Evangelicals, Richard Cizik is chief lobbyist and vice president for governmental affairs.

It is an outrage to think that this is the man guiding Christians today.

I believe that if he stays in his position we may have to apologize to Ted Haggard, Sodom and Gomorrah too!

Haggard was forced to resign, enter Richard Cizik to replace him.

We are in the fog of the culture war and sin is blurred by all the smoke and mirrors that so called Christians hold out there for a world hungry for the truth.

Obama is a Christian and stayed in a church for 20 years learning more of the things unrelated to Biblical teaching.

Who speaks for evangelicals?

The recent Proposition 8 victory in California seems to be tempered somewhat by a growing realization that on a national level there is confusion in the evangelical church regarding how we respond to the demand for legal recognition, moral legitimacy and even religious blessing of 'sexual diversity.' As the online 'soul mate' matching service (founded by an evangelical Christian!) has now bowed before the altar of Baal in caving in to the threats of the 'trysexual' movement (they will try anything, as it is now far beyond 'gay rights') and as a leader of the formerly conservative National Association of Evangelicals has kissed the ring by expressing support for civil unions – does the NAE or some of these 'influential pastors' featured in major evangelical publications speak for us?


Cleaning up the swamp starting in Chicago

Well, thank you for stopping by and this is our opening day for the CultureShockTV Blog!

What a way to begin with the arrest of Governor Blogojevich!

These Democrats are going to clean up the swamp?! I don't think so.

We'll have more to say about this I promise, but must move on here.