Saturday, July 24, 2010


TONY DIGIROLAMO- After many years of struggle the members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, ELCA, are forming a new church, the North American Lutheran Church.

Breaking away from the policies followed by a culture driven doctrine, the new church will be consummated at the end of August.

Word Alone for the past ten years tried to change the minds of the presiding Bishop, Hanson and the leadership only to find walls of hindrance to their cry to return to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This from President, Jaynan Clark:
Excerpts from an Email
to ELCA Presiding Bishop Mark Hanson
from Jaynan Clark, President, WordAlone Ministries

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"There are those of you who have ears to hear the Truth of God’s Word, eyes to see His creation through a Biblical worldview and a conscience truly captive to His Word not the sinful self. You, like a growing number of other Christians-some of them Lutheran-know what it means to be in this world but not of it. More than ever before, you don’t seem to 'fit.' The post-modern understanding that there is no absolute truth outside of the self is not understandable to you. You struggle with yourself wondering if it is just you that thinks things have radically changed and not for the better. You may be among those who don’t recognize the message of your 'church' as anything like what you grew up with. You don’t understand what happened to the basic fabric of society that seemed to be common sense and good order. You don’t have any trust in your leaders in church and society. You wonder why nobody says or does anything to push the proverbial pendulum back at least for the sake of the children who must navigate themselves through all this relativity, plurality and uncertainty. To even note your concern out loud would make you some sort of negative, judgmental, fundamentalist, fanatic fuddy-duddy. You would be labeled a sexist, racist, hate filled, homophobic, name calling 'Pharisee' or worse. You are left wondering why you, the one being called the names, the one being judged, the one being put down are accused of what you are experiencing at the hands of the loving, tolerant, accepting, non-judgmental Christians. The irony of the repeated experience confirms that you are out of sync. "

Pastor and President Clark continues,
"[I] have patiently prayed for you and others in the ELCA to come to terms with what you are doing to old pastors, young seminarians, local churches, faithful preachers and international leaders. The confusion and chaos that has resulted is your doing. However, you continue to try to point fingers at others for being the “schismatics” (myself included) while you ignore the words of the Scriptures that remind us that confusion comes from those who preach "another gospel" though there is not another gospel." (Galatians 2).

I recently met with Pastor Richard E. Boye, 81 and retired, in Farmville, Virginia to discuss the ELCA's policy on Homosexuality as pastors.

His testimony on video, is heartfelt and passionate about the direction of the church. He was told that members of the church are punishing the ELCA but he said "that is the farthest thing on his mind ... I love my church but I can not support the ELCA."

There is so much more to the failure of the ELCA with homosexuality, pro choice, and so called social justice. It is roundly taking the side of a culture gone to the extreme left. Even at the expence of the state of Israel in support of terrorists.

They follow the National and World Council of Churches the ideolgy of which is socialist.

Clark warns,
"... [W]e all should be concerned that those leading vibrant, growing Lutheran churches across the globe are in danger of being indoctrinated by those bearing a false gospel."

Unfortunately that continues as many are making a bold decision to leave the ELCA. Many of these are believers in the Word of God and stand firm and unwavering.

This is a challenge to those who need the courage of Martin Luther, founder of this church and the Protestant Reformation to see as clearly as he did the error in the present age.

It is not just an ELCA problem It has infected all mainline denominations and the culture of this world.

You know this issue is so important to me for the church to return to the Truth. There are millions of people indoctrinated into the culture of the world that the decisions they make for themselves, their family, and who they want as leaders, local and nationwide is determined by what they believe.

If the church is on this course to change the meaning of the Bible, then I'm afraid the Republic will not stand.

John Adams said, “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion."
... "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

So, that being said we have a work greater than ourselves to do, a work that is more than just changing the church we go to each Sunday. It's about the Gospel, America and Freedom that is threatened.

So enter the battle, make the changes that must come, step out of the comfort zone, and then you will be standing before God in all His majesty.

God bless America!