Tuesday, October 5, 2010


TONY DIGIROLAMO- You know what? I have the disease called Islamophobia and I don't need a psychologist or antidepressants to help me here. What would help, is those who are Muslim religious would come out and tell us that they are not looking to kill us, change our laws, or think of the the American people as infidels. I think if there are those that wish to speak out are afraid of their own shadow. They fear beheading and violence themselves!

The left comes up with these diseases to justify calling conservatives bigots!

We have a war going on the government the Obama administration won't call it war... won't use the words win or victory over this evil religion.

"Evil religion". Those are Franklin Grahams words from a recent ABC interview. POTUS has a problem in his own so called "Christian journey" that is tainted by his Muslim background and 20 years of Jeremiah Wright's vitriol on America. This, in the United Church of Christ, that allows the ordination of Homosexuals and abortion rights to terminate a pregnancy.


"Though only constituted as a denomination in 1957, the UCC has, in fact, been consistently in favor of abortion since the early 1970s. Even before that, a number of UCC clergy participated in the Clergy Consultation Service, founded by a UCC pastor as a nationwide illegal abortion referral system."

So Barack Obama sits in a church which supports abortion rights, chooses to attend Sunday service in a like minded church too. Any questions why this man was the most liberal in the Senate and now the most liberal POTUS ever.

Well, I now step out of my closet as a Christian and tell you this ... I am Homophobic as well.

I'm Homophobic because of what they have done to infiltrate and subvert the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I'm here to tell you ... the silence is broken because of what they've done to this Jude-Christian believing, trusting in God, nation.

Anyone sitting in a mainline denomination, Lutheran, Episcopalian, Methodist, Presbyterian and others, you need to rise up and change the course from death and destruction to life.

Pastors nationwide are moving forward now and leading their congregations to elect leaders with the virtue of godly character and principle from Scripture.

So yes I'm phobic laden and a Christian that is at war with those who are changing the church, the government and the culture.

I think Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and the Apostle Paul would do the same!

Hey, I'm in good company!