Friday, February 1, 2013

LA Cardinal Mahony 'stripped of duties' over sex abuse

LA Cardinal Mahony 'stripped of duties' over sex abuse

A retired Los Angeles cardinal accused of mismanaging a child sex abuse crisis has been stripped of all administrative and public duties by his successor.

Retired Cardinal Roger Mahony, 76, has apologised for his "failure", Archbishop Jose Gomez said on Thursday.

The Los Angeles archdiocese, the largest in the US, has released thousands of pages of files on priests accused of child molestation.

At Culture Shock we are familiar with what this is all about.
Psychologist William R. Coulson knows full well what happened back in the 60's and 70's when TMP, too much psychology came to call on the church... first the Catholics then the Protestants.
Coulson admits, "it was the influence of psychology, set aside the Commandments was our advice and get in touch with the feelings. Well that's only good advice if we aren't sinners, but all of us are."

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