Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Notes from Memphis Night at the White House

Notes from Memphis Night at the White House

He then led the audience in practicing their synchronized clapping to a recorded version of "Respect." Afterward, Ehrlich said he was "particularly proud of all the white people. I think we really proved something ... and we're going to keep proving it all night."

When POTUS and FLOTUS were about to come into the room, the lighting around the stage turned to a vibrant purple. President Obama walked into the room to the Booker T. Washington and the MG's 60s mod classic "Green Onions." When he got to the mike, he said: "I'm in my second term now so rather than 'Hail to the Chief,' we're going with that (referring to the Green Onions song)...from here on out. A little change in tradition."

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