Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Election: This has been a very strange night in America

The Election: This has been a very strange night in America

By Tony DiGirolamo

On election night I said, This has been a very strange night in America. Can't quite put my finger on it but it doesn't feel like God is in it.

Am I alone here? I guess I'm not alone.

I too feel the pain of our nation slipping away from us and last night this country took a giant step away from God and His principles. We will suffer for that decision. All of us.

We need to look at the church and how it has failed to preach all of God's Word for fear of Government intervention of their tax exemption. We've allowed for men and women to be elected to office and freed them to change the laws even going against the faith and religious affiliation they profess. And pulpits were silent.
Pastor Anne Gimenez has taken the bold and courageous step to change that, preaching on "Freedom". While my country is making horrific choices I feel closer to God today, more today than yesterday. I will do all I can to encourage my pastor, Pastor Anne, TD Jakes, Joel Osteen, and all those who preach the Word of God and to do it in the total freedom that was given them by our Founding Fathers.
After failing in 32 states last night Maine changed all that by a Yes Vote for Same Sex Marriage. We saw a Democrat party that took the name of God out of the platform and they hurriedly raced to get His name back in. But before they did God was dissed and booed.
Those were the people I saw on election night celebrating the victory of a man that has no core Christian belief. Like the Ted Kennedy's and Joe Bidens we have allowed them to take positions against the faith we most commonly share.
Life in the womb is less protected then the egg of an endangered bird or turtle. Those Democrats who are environmentalists believe in Mother Earth more than God the Father. They wouldn't harm a fly but would let a baby die as late as the latest moment of the ninth month.
We have a president we just elected a second time to the highest office of the free world because women feel he most understands her need to do such a deplorable thing.
We are truly in a post Christian America now, I surely don't recognize it any longer. My Christian views are alien to this culture. I am seen by the homosexual community as a clear and present danger to their agenda.
However, my faith is strong, I waiver not in the midst of all this godless euphoric jubilation.
I'll work on the things that remain and seek the remnant of the traditions deeply rooted in God.
I have grandchildren and I want for them to have the country I proudly grew up in.
We the people, we are the government and we the people will get it back!
Rush Limbaugh said, "I went to bed last night thinking we're outnumbered.  I went to bed last night thinking all this discussion we'd had about this election being the election that will tell us whether or not we've lost the country.  I went to bed last night thinking we've lost the country.  I don't know how else you look at this."
I went to bed thinking, This has been a very strange night in America. Can't quite put my finger on it but it doesn't feel like God is in it.
I keep thinking of the Paul Simon song, American Tune, "He dreamed he was dying", and said, "My eyes could clearly see the Statue of Liberty sailing away to sea..." words quite graphic.
Is freedom sailing away to sea? Is it slipping away from us? Only if the pulpits revisit the "sounds of silence" on God's Word.
Last night was a strange night in America indeed.

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