Friday, August 17, 2012

Let's wise up about mental illness and start saving lives

Let's wise up about mental illness and start saving lives

Keith Ablow: The shooting deaths of two men by Thomas Caffall near Texas A&M University—followed by the killing of Caffall by police—marks another in the chain of homicides that will ultimately lead us to reinvigorate and revamp America’s mental health care system.
Only a massive public education campaign about how to identify and get help for those under siege by psychiatric illness, together with state laws that allow psychiatrists wider authority to enforce psychiatric treatment, will, ultimately, do any good.  Changing gun laws will do nothing (unless they were loosened to allow more Americans to defend themselves). Those psychiatrically disordered individuals who murder with no apparent motive—with their minds hobbled by reality-twisting illnesses like severe depression, paranoid disorder and extreme personality disorders—would inflict no fewer casualties with their cars, or with blow torches or with makeshift bombs.


Yes, I agree and so does my friend now retired, Psychologist, William R. Coulson,psychology is the problem Dr Ablow!
Thank you for coming on board.
It is psychology so called science is anything but a science. A psychologist, author, nameless here said that "psychology is an observable science". That's why every psychologist has a different guessagnosis in this  observable science work. This is not science ... It's a "Pscience".
The prescription therapy plague out of the psychiatry industry is a horror and a train wreck in peoples lives.
Each of the shootings mentioned by Ablow antidepressants were found in the shooters, those who kill themselves and those who do not. Can you see a prolem here Dr Ablow.
But, errors and omissions seems to be the MO for the networks because the drug companies have a stronghold on them... it's called advertising. Doctors, psychs and the broadcasters are compromising their credibility by covering up the dangers of antidepressants and psycotropic drugs.
Take this story at did with a report John Roberts did at Fox as well, "The Antidepressant Omission in Marine Suicides John Roberts reports on Fox News": "He spoke specifically of one soldier that committed suicide and the shock the family was going through in tragedy. There was no clear outward sign that they could recall that would lead him to do this.
Roberts then goes into the story about what the Marine Corp is doing about it.
There sending psychologists into the field to help them.
I won't dwell on his report on what he said as much as what he didn't say. That just drives me mad knowing what I know.
The omission in this report, was did he ask if these soldiers that ended their lives were on antidepressants or antipsychotic drugs. Not a peep not one word or hint that that might be the cause."
Ablow omits an important thread throughout all, ALL of these American tragedies as well.
So please, let's speak frankly here, "very few people are looking at the role of psychology" as WILLIAM R. COULSON knows full well is the problem.
And they and their colleagues are handing out antidepressant drugs like candy!
Ablow says, "Those psychiatrically disordered individuals who murder with no apparent motive ..." Dr, I tell you the drugs gives them a distorted motive! The drug is what puts the chemical imbalance in the brain. The claim that psychology says is to balance the chemicals in the brain. BTW there's no lab test that can verify this Pscience... a myth.

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